Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Signs of a growing baby:

Your child displays signs of growth from time to time.Most babies have their own pace anyways.So please don't compare with your neighbors child.

Some Signs of a growing baby includes:

Tries to talk in baby language and mimics all the sounds he hears.On they say one should talk back in good English spoken slowly so the baby can start understanding how words are pronounced.Although most of us love to reply in baby language thats not best practice

Recently these past weeks my baby has been displaying new learned skills at 11 months,we were all watching television when he ran for the remote control and started pressing it to change channels(I guess?)but he was pointing it the wrong way.

Then once I want to leave the house he keeps hollering away for me to come and pick him and go with him(amazing as before now he didn't used to do that)

He also picks the cell phone
and keeps making the hello sound and some babyish gibberish.I just wonder at him.

Baby also pulls all items/objects close to himself to play
this now means lots of soft toys for him
at this point.Watch for sharp edges (like sharp toys,knifes etc)and stumbling blocks for baby and make your home more baby friendly

Baby also tries to mimic every activity so be watchful for what he or she is exposed to.

Baby is now very aware of their environment and try to be clingy to familar people have occassions where you allow your child to socialize and relax with other people in your sphere of contacts.
Happy Parenting!

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