Monday, September 22, 2008

Pampering your child.

Today I want you to indulge you to participate with me on this topic

A little pampering is it good for your child?
Yes or No
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Water the best drink for your child and you

Water is a God given drink.We are always rushing off to give our children sweet fizzy drinks but nature;'s own drink water is still the ultimate drink
Benefits of drinking water includes:

* Apart from the air we breathe, water is the next most important substance for life.
* Our body is approximately 70% water – factors such as age and the amount of body fat that is being carried by the body will affect this figure. However you can see that water makes up a substantial part of our body mass.
* Your body will absorb approximately 1 litre of water from the food that we eat – obviously this is influenced slightly by the type of diet you eat. The rest of your water intake is made up by what you drink.
* Most of the chemical reactions within the body’s cells require water.
* Water is used as a method of transport for all the nutrients within our body.
* The digestive system requires plenty of water to function, especially for solid foods and then also to aid good absorption once the foods are broken down.
* Water is required for the kidneys to function correctly, if the kidneys cannot complete their full workload then the work that is left over is forwarded to the liver. One of the main tasks for the liver is to metabolise stored fat – break down fat so that it can be used for energy by the body – if the kidneys are not functioning to their full potential the liver has to stop some of its own work to compensate for the kidneys. This will result in the liver metabolising less fat in the body and hence the body may not be able to lose weight or may even start to gain excess body fat. Studies have shown that a decrease in the water intake can cause fat deposits to increase, and an increase in water intake can reduce fat deposits.
* Water will help to suppress your hunger and appetite naturally. Have a drink of water if you start to feel slightly hungry, sometimes we confuse thirst as being hungry. A glass of water can take the hunger pangs away and you will be able to keep going through to your correct time for eating.
* Due to the body being made up of a high content of water, it requires plenty of water to flush through the stored fluid. If you do have enough fluid coming in, your body could think there is a threat to survival and hold onto as much fluid as possible – this is where fluid retention can occur. If you do not drink enough fluid your body will store what you do have in extra cellular spaces – that is outside the cells but in the skin – usual signs of this are swelling in the hands, feet and legs. Sometimes the fingers may feel tight when the fist is clenched; this is due to slight swelling that may not be obvious to the eye.

* Water is required for regulating the body temperature.
* Water helps to flush out impurities that build up, especially in the skin.
* Joints in the body require water to help with the lubrication process. Cartilage tissue needs to be well hydrated to protect the joints.
* Muscles require water to function.
* The Brain tissue is approximately 85% water. Both chronic fatigue and depression have been associated with the body not having enough water and hence causing dehydration.
# Benefits of drinking water - your skin will look radiant and youthful when hydrated rather than dull and tired when dehydrated

* Benefits of drinking water - your digestive system will function with ease.
* Benefits of drinking water - your body will feel alive and alert because there will not be a build of toxins within your system.
* Benefits of drinking water - both the kidneys and the liver will function to their best ability, this will help with the elimination of toxins as mentioned above but also with the break down and metabolisation of fat. Fat is a massive energy source for the body to use for fuel, if you are doing a sporting activity or something manual and need that energy supply to your muscles then you need to liver to do its job. If you are on a weigh loss program you definitely need your liver to be able to metabolise your fat.
* Benefits of drinking water - reduce the risk of water retention, avoid those swollen hands, feet and puffy ankles.

You should aim to drink on average about 8 full glasses of water per day, which is approximately 2 litres – this is for an average sized person. If you are quite overweight and trying to lose weight then I would suggest drinking slightly more perhaps 2.5 – 3lts per day.

Your body will use more water while exercising – this is due to the energy systems that are working and also because you lose excess fluid through sweating and breathing. Always have water available while exercising.

The benefits of drinking water are huge and far exceed the disadvantages of not drinking it. It is very easy to drink plenty of water and the cost is minimal compared to buying cans and bottles of sugary drinks that are on the market.
So please don't overload your children with sugar but offer water instead the majority of the time.
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A Praying Child

A praying child can be achieved.How do you get your child to be prayerful?Child learn by observation and repeat.
The best tip is to be the leader in this matter.Imbibe a family tradition that inculcates praying always.Allow your child to participate always praying for their parents,siblings,uncles,aunties,friends,teacher,their country etc Let them learn to be conversational and speak to God as their friend which he is.

Child Kidnap and what to do about it.

If your child is kidnapped(we don't pray for such)what can you do about it?
First:Be emotionally intelligent,don't panic and fret.Reason out with your partner/husband on all possible circumstances that lead to the kidnap incident happening.
Second:Talk to the police /law enforcement agents,people in the neighborhood where the kidnap took place.Be as diplomatic as possible.
Third:Publish fliers and newspaper articles,radio and television jingles with your child's image
Fifth:If the kidnappers contact you .Provide the Police with ALL INFORMATION on the discussion.If they ask for a ransom that you cannot give try and negotiate diplomatically.If your child speaks to you on the phone.Reassure the child that all will be alright.
Sixth:On the day of paying the ransom the Police can then quickly come into the scene after the ransom is paid.
In the Niger Delta region of my country Nigeria incidences of Kidnap is so rampant.Hope this tip saves a child's life.
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Man with 86 Wives

Man with 86 Wives Dares Etsu Nupe
culled from thisday newspapers nigeria

Twenty four hours after the expiration of the two-day deadline given to the man with 86 wives in Bida, Niger state, Pa Abubakar Bello Masaba, to divorce 82 women from his harem or be banished from Nupeland, the embattled man has said he has not contravened any law that would warrant such orders by the Etsu Nupe, Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar, and some Islamic leaders.
Masaba’s resolve to dare the state’s royalty yesterday got a boost as the police said nobody or organisation has the power to banish any citizen of Nigeria from any part of the country.
Police Public Relations Officer for the state command, Mr. Richard Oguche, in an interview with THISDAY said the police had detailed a team of its patrol men to mount surveillance and provide adequate security for Pa Masaba.
Expressing shock and surprise at the decision of the Etsu Nupe, who is also Chairman of Niger State Council of Traditional Rulers, in a telephone interview yesterday, Pa Bello, who is still in Bida, insisted that he has not contravened any established law of the land that would warrant such pronouncement on him.
On Thursday, the Etsu Nupe handed down a verdict against Masaba, ordering him to either sack 82 of his wives leaving only four in line with Islamic injunction to enable him remain in Bida and the entire Nupeland or leave the community within two days.
Reacting on telephone, Pa Masaba said, “I have not contravened any established law that would warrant my being banished from the land. I am not a criminal as there is no law that says one must not marry more than four wives. All my wives are with children and some of these are people I have married and stayed with for over 30 years, how can they expect me to leave them within two days?"
Abubakar expressed the need for all Muslims to be tolerant and realised that the ways of God are different from that of man.
“Islam is the same throughout the whole world. Allah is unchangeable and He is a just God. In the History of Islam, I am not the only Muslim that will marry more than four wives. It is on record that the popular Sheikh Ibrahim Niyas Kaolak married 75 wives when he was alive and his people never drove him out of town. His followers were with him and they abound in all parts of the world even till today”, he said.
He also denied allegation of not co-operating with government over the polio immunisation, describing himself as a law abiding citizen. He explained that when the state government in 2002 came up with the campaign against polio through immunisation of children, he sought for Allah’s permission for the children under his care to be immunised, “and since Allah graciously approved the request I have since been cooperating with government officials concerning the immunisation exercise.”
He also allayed fears being expressed in some quarters that his followers could metamorphose into the dreaded Maitasine group.
According to him, “Maitasine is of the devil both front and back. I am of God and there is no way my group or I could metamorphose into such. I am for peace and mutual co-existence among all, irrespective of tribe, race or religion. I was one of those who assisted the nation with prayer to destroy the activities of the Maitasine. So people should not link me with Maitasine.”
Oguche, the police spokesman, corroborated the position of Pa Masaba, arguing that he has not contravened any established law that should warrant a threat to his life and advised the people against taking laws into their hands.
“He is covered by the nation’s constitution to marry as many wives as he chooses to and there is no private individual or group that has the right to terminate anybody’s life,” said the police spokesman.
Meanwhile, in order to forestall any crisis situation that the royal order may generate after the expiration of the deadline given to Pa Masaba to vacate the land or divorce 82 of the wives, a detachment of Police men have been put in place by the Niger State Police Command to provide adequate security for lives and properties of the embattled cleric.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Feeding plans for the entire family

I have found out that having a feeding planner saves us a lot of stress running around and trying to think of what the entire family will eat.
A feeding planner for the family will certainly help you organize your shopping list so that you don't go shopping and keep buying on impulse.
Get one today by listing various foods the entire family loves then rule in your days of the week as in Monday to Friday.Then slot in these menus in there.Try to be creative with certain foods you have to repeat during the week.Make that meal in a different way.Make the meals in large portions so that the rest can be stored up in a fridge or freezer.
For working mothers this is the way to go.
Any comments on strategies to feeding the entire family?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Post Birthday Celebration!!

Its been exciting to watch pictures and look at baby's gifts.
Someone even asked whether I had a party planner but no I can proudly say I did it by myself and it all turned out well by God's help.