Friday, September 12, 2008

Child Kidnap and what to do about it.

If your child is kidnapped(we don't pray for such)what can you do about it?
First:Be emotionally intelligent,don't panic and fret.Reason out with your partner/husband on all possible circumstances that lead to the kidnap incident happening.
Second:Talk to the police /law enforcement agents,people in the neighborhood where the kidnap took place.Be as diplomatic as possible.
Third:Publish fliers and newspaper articles,radio and television jingles with your child's image
Fifth:If the kidnappers contact you .Provide the Police with ALL INFORMATION on the discussion.If they ask for a ransom that you cannot give try and negotiate diplomatically.If your child speaks to you on the phone.Reassure the child that all will be alright.
Sixth:On the day of paying the ransom the Police can then quickly come into the scene after the ransom is paid.
In the Niger Delta region of my country Nigeria incidences of Kidnap is so rampant.Hope this tip saves a child's life.
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