Friday, March 14, 2008

what to look for in a creche.....

Hi Folks,
My nanny will be leaving this Easter break and right now am creche hunting....
Creche 1

I went to one behind my office for proximity sake but the creche was highly populated and the attendant were few so you can't even guaranty they will give maximum attention to your child.

Creche 2
I went for a wedding reception and met my former colleague we got talking and she told me several stories of creches drugging little ones to sleep so that they can rest from the tantrums of little thots...I thought hmmm.revealing.I now asked if she knew of any good ones and she gave me directions to one close to my husband's office.

We visited the creche together and found out it was more organized and owned by a well euducated woman with young children herself.Other selling points were
*More Attendants
*Demarcated and well spaced Classrooms for children of various age groups
*Refrigerators/Microwave etc
*An amiable environment
*More Toys for the young ones

We both agreed to keep our child there.
Any Creche Hunting Comments are welcome!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Very Hot Season in Abuja Nigeria

Hello All,
The weather these days is so hot people are breaking out in rashes.
How do you care for your new born in this harsh weather conditions?
Well best bet is to Always hydrate them with sufficient water.(Yes that free God Given drink)
Then make sure they are covered well in layers that will allow sufficient air to cool their bodies.
Always make sure of this.My Son had a bad case of rashes on the head recently ,he scratched it all the time even at night so we decided to shave his hair to allow free flow of air and with the help of Sudocream after like 3 days.Guess what all rashes disappeared.
Please leave comments on how to protect your baby in harsh weather conditions.