Thursday, July 31, 2008

Teething Remedies for your baby

Teething remedies are really needed for babies to abate the pains of cutting new teeth.My Son is now advancing towards his No. 8 Teeth situation.
Its been like a harrowing experience for both baby and mother.Most nights you may even be unable to sleep because of anxiety and the baby having feverish conditions.
But to remedy the situation we discovered that using a teether,Bonjela and Calpol(Contains Paracetamol)helps to reduce the feverish conditions when they come.
Also some natural ways includes using your clean finger to rub gently on the gums several times in the day,sponging your baby when the temperature is very hot all help to reduce the severity of it all.Babies differ in their teething experiences.
Some may have it severe and others may not.
But if all efforts still fail its better to take them to the paediatrician.
Happy Parenting!

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