Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nigerian Cooking Time for Families

I want us to move to the family kitchen today!
Nigerian cooking to be precise.

Today's Menu:Afang Soup
Origin:Cross River State Nigeria

1.Water Leaves(chopped)
4.Fresh Shrimps
5.Cow Skin also called Kpomo
6.Afang Leaves also called Ukazi leaves(blended)
7.Pepper(Black or Red)
8.Salt to taste
9.Palm Oil
10.Dried Fish
11.Stock Fish
13.Seasoning Cubes e.g Maggi

Quantity:According to no of people you are cooking for

Method to use:

1.Boil Water leaves already chopped separated
2.Boil afang(ukazi)leaves seperately
3.Meat/fish/periwinkles all boiled up
4.Mix all together then add palm oil/salt/pepper/crayfish together.
5.Steam for sometime and serve hot with Semovita/Garri/Akpu/Pounded Yam

Enjoy!!More Recipes from Nigeria will be featured from time to time.

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