Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Make Books a part of your child's Lifestyle.

Children's mind are like a sponge they like to absorb all that is taking place around them.So how can you occupy their minds through ...BOOKS!!

From birth to 3 years your baby's brain develops rapidly than at any other period in their life.

Children are born with a keen interest in the world and their particular environment.Reading helps keep them alert and stimulates their interest in the written word.And you know literacy which is not just the ability to read words on a page but also being able to understand languages and process ideas is the basis for all academic success in life eventually.

Therefore its best to introduce them to books,let them watch you read,read bed time stories to them,assemble parts of your new electronics following instructions from a printed manual,cook from a recipe book,Read the Road signs out to them while on a trip in the car,buy novels and other books appropriate for their age.Encourage the love affair with books to start early it will really open their mind to a brand new world of possibilities,they escape into that world!Take them to a local library or book fairs or even a nearby book store.

Make reading a family tradition to celebrate.You never know that young one of today will become the next president of their country just by exposing their minds to all the possibilities.

Happy Parenting!!

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