Saturday, July 12, 2008

Effective Parenting.

Parenting is an art.You have to balance loads of priorities together to come succeed as an efficient parent especially when your kids are still young.Look into the future...say 15 years from now and see that toddler as a grown teenager.

How do you balance priorities in these days of hectic schedules,targets and may be asking.Well I have several tips to help you led a much more fulfilling life as a parent.Everyday is a project in the life of a parent.Your Mantra should be to do the much you can in your waking hours.So you have to do lots of planning to make sure you succeed each and everyday

Your Plans can flow along these lines:

1)Have a day planner where you list out all activities you should be engaged in every day.
2)Prioritize your activities and rank according to the level of urgency and importance
3)Set time lines on all activities
4)Some of your daily activities can be done in parallel -By Multitasking.Multitasking simply means combining 2 or more activities together to cut down on time spent doing them one by one.
5)Don't over labor on weekends especially for working moms as this that totally wear you out.Plan for some of your shopping within the week.You can use your lunch hour to quickly purchase stuff that you need.
6) Remember to stop and smell the roses.Take vacations with your family once in a while.
Have a fun filled week end!

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