Saturday, July 19, 2008

How to treat diarrhoea at home

When your child has diarrhoea,he or she loses a lot of body water and salts and this can be dangerous medically.

As soon as diarrhoea starts,replace the lost fluid and salt by giving him/her a salt/sugar solution(also called the Oral Rehydration Therapy-ORT) prepared as follows:

1.Cooking Salt -1 Level Teaspoon
2.Sugar -10 Level Teaspoons or 5 cubes
3.Cool boiled drinking water-2 full soft drink bottles

Slowly give 1 teacupful of the solution to your child after diarrhoea stooling.
Then take your baby to the hospital to see the doctor(paediatrician).

Continue with breast feeding or normal meals .Please don't starve the child.

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