Sunday, July 20, 2008

Children need support at school

The school year is almost ending for a new session come September.Our Lives are so hectic that it almost always doesn't capture the moments we get to spend with our children.To support your child in the new school year note the following:

-Celebrate your child's success at school and at home from little things like getting the homework right to passing the test and being selected as a star student

-Look into your child's bag and see their homework and difficult subjects

-Communicate with your child's teacher often.You will learn a lot...a real eye opener for most parents

-Choose to be a positive role model for your children

-Be there at their sporting events

-Be there when they try out new things and either fail or succeed at it

-Let them also know you love them

-Take the time to dream with your children about their future and tell them they can do all things!and accomplish all their desires

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