Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy new year beloved parents and intending ones

Happy new year to all my readers-parents and intending ones.As we match into a new year 2010.I wissh you the very best in parenting these young ones who are the best legacy we can have.
What are your goals for this year?Mine is influencing as many lifes positively as can be made possible.
This year I will be talking about about loads of stuff-in a holistic way this time and with my first hand experience.
Last christmas an unfortunate incidence happened in my country nigeria.
A young 23 year old nigerian muslim boy Farouq Mutallab was brain washed into a suicide bomb attempt on an aircraft owned by delta airlines.
This really is the affect of chains of influencers-his religion and parenting playing a big role.Please don't get me wrong his parents were honorable as his dad reported his sons behaviour to relevant authorities but what am trying to draw out is that parents must rise up to these are times of screenagers and work hard at influencing your child in all positive ways possible.We will be throwing loads of light this year on bringing up successful children in these tough times.
My mom Mrs Amaechi Joyce Ezebuike wrote a book some years ago on 'coping with sickle cell disease - a mother's own experience' I will be sharing excerpts of this book this year on my blog.
Part 1:

This book titled coping with Sickle Cell Disease is an off-shoot of the traumatic experience suffered by a mother who had to lose three children as a result of SCD.
According to Shakespare, Sweet are the uses of adversity which like the toad ugly and venomous yet wears a precious jewel on its head. This precious jewel is meant to serve:
1. Intending couples who should master it before plunging into marriage. It may serve as preventive measure which is better than cure.
2. Married couples who discover that each of them has the Sickle Cell Gene. The book predicts to you what to expect in your marriage.
3. Families afflicted by the SCD including parents, children and relations.
4. Medical students and nurses.
5. Doctors in general practice, and particularly pediatricians and psychiatrists.
6. Clerics in orthodox and Pentecostal churches.

The first chapter “caught in natures” web” advises intending couples who may be ignorant of sickle cell and its consequences on the need to do their Genotype before marriage and the choices open to them as to the pain of breaking up the engagement, compared with endless life of misery and mental torture thereafter which may arise in case they marry each other and produce children with SS Gene.
Examples are given of persons who got married without knowing their Genotypes and the consequences. The book goes on to describe the aetiology and pathogenesis of sickle cell disease backing up her theory with historical discovery of the DNA and electrophoresis. She also proffers scientific explanation for the inheritance of SS, AS and AS.
Under the myth of sickle cell disease, she describes succinctly the mutilation of dead bodies to prevent reincarnation. She gives credit to intervention by Mary Slesor in the ugly practices and fetish beliefs of Africans.
As a concerned lab scientist, her personal touch to the hospital management of SCD is worthy of note by academics particularly the areas concerning genotyping, screening of blood for HIV and hepatitis virus, before transfusion. The use of anti-malarial drugs and antibiotics is emphasized.
The aspect dealing with family support emanates from the personal experience of the author. It deals in details with immunization during infancy, avoidance of stress, infection, infestations and preparation for frequent hospitalization. The author stresses the value of clean environment and adequate nutrition with balanced food and vitamins. She believes that it requires abiding faith in Christ to develop the will to survive. This faith should be imparted to the children suffering from the SCD. In the same way it requires the act of God to overcome the crisis in the home where some fathers in Africa are known to desert the family home and leave the mothers to carry the problem. Here a lot of love is needed by the couple to stem the tide. The author has quoted extensively local and foreign authors on Sickle Cell Disease. This is illustrated in the chapter on progress report. She emphasizes the creation of general awareness on SCD, by the mass media and Sickle Cell Clubs. She delves into the modern techniques of amniocentesis, Gene therapy and bone marrow transplant. The author derives her comfort from her personal encounter with God who admonished her to see him in his suffering. There is indeed God’s hand in this book. Everyone has his own cross to bear. The author shows deep concern for others afflicted with AIDS and terminal diseases. She discourages women whom Satan may lead to try and get healthy babies from other men, by letting them know that this action may separate them from God.
This book ends with the chapter titled “After words” in which the author narrates her devastating experience in the loss of her 22 year old daughter who was an ardent Christian and whom everyone believed had received divine healing. But the family derives comfort and courage in the fact that her spirit lives and there is hope in resurrection. It gives me much pleasure to commend this book to all men of goodwill and to those who seek concise introduction to the subject of Sickle Cell Disease in many of its aspects.

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