Sunday, November 15, 2009

Consider the following disturbing Statistics

Consider the following distrubing statistics

1.Children between ages 12 and 17 are the largest consumers of internet pornography

2.90% of children between 11 and 17 who have internet access have accidentally been exposed to pornograpgy on the internet

3. 23% of 14-17 year olds said they have had sexual experience
4. Each year millions of teenage girls -11% of those aged 15-19 become pregnant,representing 20% of those who have had sexual intercourse

5.Of teenage pregnancies,31% end in abortions,14% end in miscarriages and 55% end in birth
6. Half of all new HIV infections occur in people aged 15-24.

Parents we have a clarion call to save our children and reduce these statistics if our future generation will be successes in life.

How do we do this -
1.Supervise your children at all times
2.What are they watching on T.V-Always remember to set parental controls on programmes with PG signs written on it.
3.Where are they viewing on the internet-block sites you don't want them to see upfront with your ISP
4.Who are your children's friends?
5.Set policies that govern your home
6.Punish or ground them when questionable behaviours are noticed.

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Randy Cox said...

I agree we must do something to protect our children. My own children are grown, but I have grandchildren to worry about.

Is there any statistical evidence that keeping them from exposure actually prevents their interest.

The thing I was barred from as a kid was the first thing I did when I got away from my protective parents.

They told me I was too young to smoke; I started smoking when I was 12 years old. I couldn't quit until fours years ago.