Friday, August 22, 2008

How to read to your 1year old baby.

Things You’ll Need

* A pictorial book that can also play some nursery rhymes

Find a great children's book and conducive place/time
Cuddle your child to yourself and start reading ,demonstrate with your hands while reading be as animated as possible
read and demonstrate for at least 10mins,babies have a short span of time to concentrate


* don't read when they are tired,hungry or sleepy
* don't read for too long a time

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Mommy said...

I am a strong believer in reading to your child from a very young age. Yet, my inexperience with babies as a first time mother makes doing this a task. I have given my daughter age appropriate books to look at since before she could hold one for herself. The problem is that it seems like I've given her too much freedom because she doesn't want to sit and listen to me read at all. She wants to read them herself and pulls them away from me if I try to hold them or turn the pages for her. She just turned 1 year this month and I really would like to change this behavior somewhat, so that she can actually hear the stories and learn about the words.