Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Child Proofing your Home

You have to child proof your home especially as that tiny tot of yesterday starts crawling and walking around the house.

Take care of the following:

1.For your sharp edges attach cushioned corner-and-edge protectors

2.Take knifes far away from their reach to safer places

3.Have a child safety lock installed in your car especially if there is none on your car

4.Have a way of putting away glass furnishings from the house till they are older and wiser

5.Keep Drugs away in a medicine chest (Doctors always recommend this)

6.Have a Container for all their toys so that they don't trip and fall off it

7. Put safety covers in all unused electrical outlets. Keep switched plugs in the off position.

8.Always keep doors leading to the front and back porch locked so they don't wander away from the house

9.Consider the potential hazard of anything you drop into the bin. If you're using it to discard batteries, paper clips, plastic bags, or other dangerous items, place it out of reach, or in a cupboard which your child cannot open.

10. Keep pens, scissors, letter openers, staplers, paper clips, and other sharp instruments in locked drawers.

11. Domestic fires pose one of the greatest risks to children. Children playing with matches and lighters frequently start house fires.

This list can be expanded on by your comments which I will appreciate.

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