Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Still stuck with my Big Belly

Waoh its been a very busy time at work.But here I am again.Sorry for the break in transmission.
My major problem now is getting the excess fat around my stomach areas to come down so that I can fit properly into my clothes.
Can you believe I blew up from a size 12 to 16.I went to a boutique recently and told them vehemently that I was a size 14.And when I went to try the clothes it was not just zipping at all.I saw a look of I told you so on the salesgirl's face....

Then recently my boss told me to my face that my son will soon be jealous thinking that their is competition going on .
That was my AHA moment
I knew it was high time to get into action-I bought a skipping rope,and tummy trimmer to aid my move down the size line...Lets see how it goes.
Comments on nutrition and exercise to help are most wanted.Thanks

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