Thursday, February 21, 2008

Coping with the stress of being a new parent

My typical day is one full of activities from 5am(that is if baby was able to sleep through the nite which is quite rare)to 11pm every day excluding saturday.

Its juggling one activity after the other/Multitasking all the time and that is stress combined with work.

How does one cope with the stress of being a full time worker and a first time parent(tha needs to keep hre sanity intact)
Comments/Suggestions needed.


The Explorer said...
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The Explorer said...

I must say I really love your blog, although that's probably because I'm a newly-wed - 5months and counting.

Was surprised to find so few comments here. I know how encouraging it is to get feedback so I want you to know you and your son (that's who you refer to when you say "our" readers isn't it?) have a new fan.

Haven't come across his name yet though but will keep reading.