Saturday, July 4, 2009

Low appetities in children.

Low appetites in children what causes it?
I know sickness and symptoms of sickness is a big culprit.
Multivitamins at least once a day does the magic and will aid your child's appetite.
Colorful meals is also a good way of keeping them interested in meal times.
How have you aided your child's appetite?


JennyMac said...

Our pediatrician once told me "Your job is to provide the food, his job is to eat it" after our son refused to eat another vegetable. We have found that eating something ourselves(and carrying on to its goodness) makes him want it. And of course, we intially pretend its ours, we wont share, which makes it a game. TREMENDOUS WORK but it has been effective. I also pretend his bear and monkey are eating things without him and he RACES over to get involved. Good luck!

kasandria said...

My 2 kiddos have had low appetites at times. I just try to get them to eat what they want during those periods. They eventually grow out of it. I enjoyed reading your blog. clicked some links for ya!