Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day Article.

Hello readers today its "Blog action day"!

The topic is Poverty and how to eradicate it.
I will be writing from a different perspective
Poverty is not just the absence of money or things.Poverty can be from your spirit as well.Does this sound strange?Read on...
Your poverty can be from your spirit if you don't have insight into drawing from the streams of God's overflowing supplies.
Everything created on earth today from the internet to cell phones to radio to television all came from the mind.
So on earth God has blessed us with abundant resources to keep ourselves busy and also make wealth.Any body of a poor spirit?Hope my article helps on Blog action day today.
All you have to do is look inwards and draw from God's wisdom on how to make wealth on the earth.
Also the other type of poverty where nations are improvised can be greatly improved by making sure that people in those nations get basic education and are empowered with one skill or the other by which they can be able to take care of themselves.
They say teach a man to fish and he will never come begging for food.
In my country Nigeria we have lots of NGOs(Non governmental organizations)and the National directorate of employment that do this.
Currently their impact is felt to some limits but can still be greatly improved.
Thanks for your time!

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