Friday, August 29, 2008

Nigerian Dish:Akara Balls aka Beans Cake


This is enjoyed as a breakfast dish in Nigeria.Also called the Beans Cake or Akara Balls .Its contains lots of proteins and children love it.Its also low fat so it can be enjoyed by all and sundry

Black eyed Beans 3cups
Pepper According to taste
Salt According to Taste
Onions 1 small sized one
Groundnut Oil

How to make it:
Soak the Beans first thing in the morning and allow it to stand in water for at least 3hrs.Wash with your palms to peel off the skin which by now comes off easily.
Wash properly to remove the skin as much as you can.
Grind it twice in a blender.Add ground pepper,onions and salt.Mix all together.
Put your frying pan to the fire.Add a sufficient amount to aid your deep frying.Allow to heat up for at least 5mins.

Put in the mixed up paste in spoons into the hot oil.
Turn as soon as the color changes to golden brown.
Bring them out once both sides are golden brown in color and place on a drip bowl to remove excess oil.

Serve Hot with Custard or Akamu(Made from Corn).

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