Monday, August 4, 2008

Controlling tantrums in your children.

Parenting is a tough job and when your child grows up and begins to throw tantrums its equally not easy to manage.

At 11 months my baby has started to throw tantrums especially he wants something that has been taken away from them.Tantrums can be looked at positively that means that your tiny baby can reason and coordinate well.But it also has to be managed well.

For babies it always good to be gentle yet firm with them.If they carry an object that could harm them gently take it away and replace with something that will equally grasp their attention then you quickly hide away the offending item.

In older babies talk to them and make sure that they always understand the points where they are being corrected.Don't always pacify your child's every want.Its not good upbring and never will be.They will certainly row up violent adults that will certainly at that point be difficult to train.

Most children even want to see that you can be firm though secretly.
Happy Parenting!!See you next time.

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emma_dapo said...

Oji this is a nice one. You are indeed one of the few Nigerians that will give out such content free of charge. Keep it up. I will recommend my wife to you.