Friday, June 20, 2008

Stop Child Abuse!

Child Abuse is so rampant in our societies these days!
It really shouldn't hurt to be a child!Treat your children well.

In Nigeria for instance we have what you can call House Helps(Some are as young as 6years Old)

For a discerning adult that has such a small aged child as a house help do all you can to be humane in your dealing with the child.Please don't over labor the child beyond what they can do.Treat that child like your own,feed and dress them properly,take to outings and your religious functions.

Even though they seem disadvantaged at that age make them to realize they can be all that their maker has destined them to be.You really can be that channel of hope for the house help.They will never forget you in future!

Mother Theresa used to say that if we can't affect the whole world.We can touch one person at a time.This can help cause a revolution in the world today(As simple as it looks).

In our own little corners in the world we can stop this wrong act by
doing the following -
1)Report to Non Governmental Organizations (NGO)any cases you witness at any time
2)Report to Social Security/Community Police in your country
3)Be the change you want to see treat that child right

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