Monday, June 9, 2008

Old African Traditions -Tying Baby Behind your Back

Hello all!Hope you are having a pleasant time parenting?
Has my blog has been informative so far.I pledge to continue doing this for the sakes of all persons new at parenting.You know back in the 60's -80s Young parents had more support from their immediate and extended families than is available now.
You can even suggest what you want me to research on and I will provide the answers you will need.
Back in Africa one of our old traditions is Tying Baby Behind your Back
To achieve this use a 11/2yard of wrapper made of ankara and then use your convenient hand to swing baby behind your back then tie the chest area by folding in the material and tie the leg area by folding and making a knot to secure baby firmly
This will allow you carry out your house chores without the distracting time spent with baby in tow.

Tricks to use:
Make sure baby is comfortable and not suffocating.
make sure you are comfortable(back pain suffers please don't try this at all)

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