Saturday, May 17, 2008

Play,Laugh and Smile with your Baby!!

This is very important but yet sounds trivial.I believe Parents need to continuously Play,Laugh and Smile with your Baby!!
Baby will grow up being more friendly.........and Hey this can contribute to curbing terrorism in the world.
Try this recipe.
Readers you can leave suggestions on how to incorporate this into your family traditions.
Nice weekend Everyone!!

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The Explorer said...

Growing up, I remember hearing some people on tv say they hated kids. television. I vowed never, ever to be like that.

Entering my 20s, I found life with kids around could be quite tedious, prompting me to actually sympathize with those tv characters on occasion.

I sometimes find myself worrying that I'll become like those guys on tv. Or that I'll get soo caught up in work that my kids will only hear me saying things like "stop that!" or "leave it!".

I guess the fact that I'm even worried at all is a good thing right?

Thanx for another gr8 reminder of things to brace up to do in the future. Like you implied, we may end up bringing about world peace this way.