Monday, April 21, 2008

Growth Spurts...

Hello Everyone,

How was your weekend?Hope it was good.Mine was.
I have noticed some growth spurts in my Baby Zik(7months 4th week)-He loves to hear his own voice all through this weekend when I took him to the Saloon where he is normally quite and he turned the whole place upside down with his loud chatter could it be he is extroverted?
In Church we couldn't hear the preacher he was all over the place babbling to himself.
Another Growth spurt I noticed is that he behaves when you tell him firmly not to touch certain things...I hope this continues as he grows older.
He wakes up around 4am and expects that we wake up with him and Play!!@#!
Kids are amazing thats all I can say.
Have you noticed any in your baby?
Do leave comments.I love to hear from my readers.


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Chichi said...

Hi, I just thought that I'd post a comment. He's definitely not shy that's for sure. Cool blog BTW.